Removal of Radio Control Assembly

by Ted Zaleski


I recently ran into a situation I wanted to share with other fearless ZR-1 enthusiasts.  When attempting to change out a Bose radio control assembly, I found the two wiring connectors extremely difficult to reach to disconnect and impossible to reconnect.  The reason is that at some point in the car's very early life, the CCM was replaced unbeknownst to me until now. 


Normally, the CCM is accessed for replacement from the left by removing the left side lower trim panel, knee bolster, side panel, etc. until the CCM can be reached and pulled out from behind the RCA and DERM.  As the replacement was being re-inserted through the minimal opening created by panel removal, the radio wires were snagged and pushed to the right (see Before photo). 


Therefore the radio control assembly could not be pulled forward far enough to get the connectors through the opening to disconnect them.  Rather than cut away the plastic instrument panel as I had seen done on  other cars, I removed the dash and instrument panel to get to the real problem. 


 Eventually I removed the CCM and when I re-installed it, made sure the radio wires were between the two CCM connectors (see After photo).  Then it was easy to reach the connectors to re-install the RCA.  Had I known what the problem was initially, it might have been possible to R&R the CCM and reposition the wires rather than pulling the dash and instrument panel.  I hope this helps someone diagnostically or preventively if you have to remove your CCM.